Warning! Email PHISHING attempt!


There have been several reports of people receiving a message that looks similar to the one pictured here.  This is not real - please do not "CLICKHERE" and provide any information.

The warning signs include:

  • We would always send mail from a Royal Roads address (probably ComputerServices@royalroads.ca) - certainly never something random like the one shown above.
  • The language is generally bad (and I hope we do better!).  If you read the words "Help desk will undergo unscheduled maintenance", you will realize that this doesn't mean anything sensible.  The "Help desk" could refer to a physical space and if we had to do work on that, you'd never have to know.  Or the "Help desk" could mean the *people* at the Help desk and we don't do maintenance on them, scheduled or otherwise.  Can you imagine?!)
  • IT Services doesn't spring things on you like this unless there's an emergency situation...  if we needed to deactivate your account, there'd be something big going on & you would have seen articles in Crossroads and/or received a message sent by the RRU Staff Bulletin people on our behalf and/or received personalized messages from us
  • We usually say "Hi, cdavid" or "Hi, Cecelia"
  • We don't threaten to cut off services of you don't do our bidding!
  • We sign our correspondence with the name of an actual person (often Cecelia David) so that you know who to contact if you have a question
  • Our email communications contain branded signature blocks

Thanks for NOT clicking on the links provided and giving away all of your secrets!

Please feel 100% comfortable contacting us at the Helpdesk to ask about suspicous email you receive.  We maintain that we would rather reassure LOTS of people that a message is bogus (or not) than have even one person fall victim to the attack.

Thank you!

Cecelia David for IT-Services

Keyboard image: Zatoichi213 Creative Commons photo