Webinar - Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Woman looking up

Following the success of our first two episodes of our Insights for Action webinar series, we are excited to announce episode three, Forging Ahead: Leading with Emotional Intelligence, hosted by Carolin Rekar Munro and Ross Porter. 

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a signature leadership attribute that strengthens our ability to navigate through crises, whether it be COVID-19 or other significant personal and professional challenges. EI has been identified as more essential than traditional cognitive skills when it comes to our effectiveness in problem-solving and decision-making, developing and sustaining working relationships, and positioning us for success in our careers. However, EI can be somewhat elusive, leaving us with many questions about whether we have EI and what courses of action we can take to build it.

On Tuesday, November 24, Carolin and Ross will shatter myths about EI, examine the building blocks of EI and explore how we can harness EI to forge ahead through crises. Join us for this insightful discussion.