This week on the Changing Lives Story Project

Jean Macgregor

Retired Major General Herb Pitts was one of the first to share his Royal Roads story with us as we prepared to launch the Changing Lives Story Project. In light of this week’s announcement that Herb will receive the 2015 recipient of the Alumni Award for Leadership, it’s a great to time head over to the story project website and hear directly from Herb about his Royal Roads experience.

Here is an excerpt from Herb’s story:

Leadership to me means accepting that you have done or would do anything you ask others. You've been through the fire or would lead through fire. I took part in everything I've asked of others. Paratrooping is like that. Central to that credo is the thought that "together you can do things that individually you could not". Care for others, respect, trust and know the capabilities of your comrades, and all is possible. Reach out and learn!

In the minds of many of us who attended Royal Roads, there is a spiritual quality about the place. It's hard to describe but includes the natural setting, quality of instruction, quality of classmates, quality of curriculum and accompanying achievements. My expectation is that those qualities are still present and that is good!

There is a creek that runs along the roadway down to what used to be the parade square from the cadet block. Getting away from the hectic, driven college life meant going to sit by the creek sometimes. I would go down in the valley at the edge of that creek, and say to myself, "Are things ok?" And invariably, I would say "Yes, things are ok, they are going along pretty well, what's your problem?" And I didn't really have one, except I felt kind of exhausted at times.

When I recovered myself, it was in the silence of that little creek and the trees around it.

I thought, we're pretty lucky.

Read Herb’s entire story here.

We’d love to hear your Royal Roads story. You can share your experience by email, phone or submit your story directly on the website. And you might win a prize!