Weigh in on academic structural redesign


Opportunity to Weigh in on Academic Structural Redesign:

See Academic Structural Redesign Moodle site

Background: Conversations have been taking place since 2018 around academic structural re-organization at RRU with guidance and direction from the VPA and after a faculty meeting to identify key areas of focus for various working groups. We have been asking the question of whether our current organization truly meets our present needs, let alone the needs and challenges of the future. Concerns around sustainability (human & financial), integrity, credibility, equity, and empowerment are driving the desire for change in structures and practices that together free us up to create, innovate, and maximize our potential while solidly grounding us in our mission. All of these previous discussions informed these working organizational designs. 

Problem Frame: What structure will help us facilitate transformational learning experiences while addressing the need for integrity, ownership, equity, credibility, and sustainability (human, financial, environmental).

We welcome your feedback in the Academic Structural Redesign Moodle site under Working Organization Designs, in the forum titled "Organization Designs: For Comment". In that section, we have posted three different organization design options that we've been working on with input from the community, with additional options being posted by participants in the forum.

The purpose of these design options is to stimulate further thinking and identification of preferred design elements. NOTE: None of the current options is complete, none address all the challenges identified in previous discussions (see Process to Date). We are looking to your feedback to help flesh out these and/or other, hybrid, options that can best address the current and future challenges. 

If you have questions about the information in the slide decks, please ask in the forum and we will do our best to clarify our intentions behind the options. 

If you're interested in exploring further, find supplementary information in the Articles on Organizational RedesignProcess to Date, and RRU Documents & Org Chart sections below.

Timeline: Please provide your feedback by March 1st. We will then be putting together a report for Philip and Steve, by mid-March, that provides several options for academic redesign, along with pros and cons of those options, and key learnings that have come out of this process.

We have been tasked to bring together all of your collective knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for your participation!

Your Academic Structural Redesign Group 
(Jaigris Hodson, Jennifer Walinga, Rob Mittelman, and Isabel Cordua-von Specht)