Welcome Dr. Runa Das


The College of Interdisciplinary Studies is pleased to welcome Dr. Runa Das as its newest faculty member in the Doctor of Social Sciences program. Dr. Das will join Royal Roads in October and share with us her expertise and passion for quantitative methods. Her research examines the assessment and practice of environmental and social sustainability in relation to energy systems, climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental education, energy poverty, social and health equity, and behaviour change.

An interdisciplinary scholar, she holds a Bachelor of Science from Mount Allison University, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honours) from Carleton University, a Master of Arts in Psychology from York University, and a PhD in Environmental Applied Science and Management from Ryerson University. “I have found teaching quantitative methods rewarding for both myself and for the students who develop an appreciation for analyzing and interpreting data and an understanding that these can be applied to solve real world problems,” Das said.