Welcome Hilary Bradbury

Hilary Bradbury

The School of Leadership Studies is pleased to welcome Dr. Hilary Bradbury as a visiting professor. She is on campus from January 26 to Feb 7 and is giving a lunchtime Roads to Research presentation together with Drs. Catherine Etmanski and Niels Agger-Gupta on January 30, 2020, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Quarterdeck.

For those not familiar with her work, Professor Bradbury is a world leader in the field of action-oriented approaches to research, which align well with RRU's applied focus, strategic research themes, and students' real-world, problem-solving and change-making work. She is the editor-in-chief of the SAGE Action Research Journal (ARJ). She co-edited the bestselling SAGE Handbook of Action Research (2001; 2006; 2008; 2013) with Peter Reason, and was the sole editor of the 2015 edition. Her published articles have appeared in Organization Science, Sloan Management Review, and Journal of Management Inquiry, among others. She is now leading the Action Research Plus (AR+) network, a global online and face-to-face community in which action-oriented scholar-practitioners find the developmental edge of action research in response to the demands of our times. She and her colleagues run virtual “co-labs,” including an upcoming one on "Developmental Leadership at Our Time of Eco-Social Crisis" starting in February.

Through her various dialogues while on campus, Hilary will be discussing opportunities for faculty and student collaboration with the AR+ network, as well as new publication guidelines that support "Action Research for Transformations" in the AR Journal...among other possibilities! She will be returning to RRU in July of 2020, so if you miss her this time, there will be future opportunities.

Having Dr. Bradbury join us on campus in January and June of 2020 is a tremendous opportunity both for the School and for RRU more broadly. Hope to see some of you on January 30.