We're recruiting Cybersecurity Ambassadors!


What's a cyber security ambassador?

Cyber security ambassadors are volunteers throughout the university who help spread the word about cyber security. An ambassdor is someone who, in addition to their regular duties, takes on the role of engaging with their co-workers around matters of cyber security awareness. Typically, an ambassador may help a co-worker find an answer to a cyber security question, give a short update on a security topic at a team meeting, help the cyber security awareness people share information or give feedback to the cyber security awareness team. If that sounds like a whole second career, it shouldn't. It will likely involve two to four hours per month.

Do you have to be a "techie" to be a Cyber Security Ambassador? 

You don't! You just need to like helping people and have an interest in things related to technology. We will be hosting a short training session in which we'll give you some background information, put on a few demonstrations and generally make sure you're prepared for your new role. You might even learn a trick or two that will amaze the teenagers in your lives.

How do you become a Cyber Security Ambassador?

The process starts with your manager. Check with your manager to make sure you have their approval for you to participate. Next, go to the Security Awareness website and download the application form. Fill out the application, save a copy for yourself and submit it by email. Applications are due by November 15. We currently have 11 ambassadors and are recruiting another eight. 

Cyber security ambassador programs are a leading-edge strategy for changing risky behaviours and developing a culture of cyber security awareness. Organizations such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Thomson Reuters, Diageo, Honeywell and Adobe are leading the way with their ambassador programs and we're excited to be able to offer our own ambassador program here at Royal Roads.

If this sounds interesting or exciting to you, please consider joining our program!

Want more information? Please visit the Security Awareness website or email us