Where Living and Learning Meet


Where Living and Learning Meet: Bringing the Classroom into the City

There is also a proliferation of community- and university-led labs in which researchers come together with community leaders and practitioners using design thinking and makerspaces in an attempt to enhance social innovation. Collaboration doesn’t happen independently. It requires unique skills and competencies normally under-valued in the academy and, in many sectors of society, found at the confluence of people, places, learning, and living. In this case, the spaces in between the classroom and the city offer a perfectly entangled place for (edge)ucators to let go of being wise and right and let what wants to happen, happen. . . for a change. (excerpt Chapter 3). Drs. Leighton and Dale have contributed a chapter to a new text that looks into the role of educators and the academy in helping develop the next generation of conscious, capable sustainability leaders by highlighting their co-teaching experience in the innovative and applied Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Community Development, designed to squarely address the ‘messy, wicked’ challenges municipalities face.  It can be found in Kremers, K.L., Liepins, A.S., & York, A.M. (2019). Developing Change Agents: Innovative Practices for Sustainability Leadership. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. Online at: https://open.lib.umn.edu/changeagents/chapter/where-living-and-learning-meet/