Why Veni Iozzo supports women and girls

RRU Staff

MBA alumna Veni Iozzo shares her thoughts and work on supporting women and girls to make positive changes in their lives through a guest blog for Canadian Women's Foundation.

She writes: "My parents came to Canada from Italy in 1959 with only $13 in their pocket and unable to speak English. I often reflect back on those early days and wonder why I never felt deprived. I realize the sense of family security they gave me and my three sisters was a real gift. With this incredible support around me, I had the confidence I needed to achieve my goals.

This is why the work of the Canadian Women’s Foundation is so important to me. They know in order for a woman to move out of poverty, she needs a strong support system. In fact, their entire approach is designed to provide women with what they need to move forward."

Read the full piece here.

Photo credit: YouTube screen shot