WordPress sites for faculty & staff

WordPress commons theme

Are you looking for a quick, flexible option for your next faculty, research, or project website?

As part of our service catalogue, the Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies (CTET) has launched a WordPress hosting site called Commons (commons.royalroads.ca) for faculty and staff pages. This means that faculty, associate faculty, and staff can now request their own WordPress website for research, self-publishing, or program support needs. With your website on Commons, you will get all the functionality of a WordPress site with several additional advantages. For example, you can use your RRU credentials to login, plus you will have access to paid WordPress themes as well as CTET support.

Here are some sites that have already been created on Commons using WordPress:

How do I request a site?

It’s easy to get started with your own WordPress site:

  1. Contact CTET to discuss your research or project site;
  2. Choose a name for your Commons website, e.g. commons.royalroads.ca/iloveresearch (custom domains are also available by request);
  3. Let us know who you would like to have access to develop and view your site;
  4. Choose from various WordPress themes and start designing your site.  

Please contact CTET to discuss custom workshops or to arrange individual WordPress training.

Please stay tuned for more information about WordPress and training opportunities in the coming months.