WPR, Ocelli and Change Management teams


The Web Presence RenewalOcelli and Change Management teams have been working on their respective projects for several months now. We’d like to introduce them to you and tell you a bit about how the teams were formed. 

Team members 

  • External contractors   
  • Employees seconded 50% from other positions at RRU  
  • Employees seconded 100% from other positions at RRU  
  • Employees providing consultation but keeping their regular positions at RRU  

Contractors who joined us from outside RRU were hired through contracted services agreements, following usual processes. 

Employees joined the project teams in two ways: through expressions of interests and direct assignments. Expressions of interests were conducted internally within departments where there may be multiple qualified candidates for the position. In this case, project leadership or steering committee members interviewed and selected them. With a direct assignment, an employee was asked to join a project team in a certain position because their unique skill set and experience made them a subject matter expert (SME).  

Employees who work on a project for a percentage of time or as consultants were selected to do so because their skill set matched a requirement identified by the project. Those who work on the projects in this capacity are not backfilled.  

WPR team members  

  • Carla Girvin, University Product Owner  
  • Colin MacArthur, Business Analyst  
  • Jai Lad, Project Manager (contractor)  
  • Matthew Proudlove, University SME  
  • Maureen Campbell, Senior University SME  
  • Yellow Pencil, the successful RFP respondent who will work with RRU to implement an updated content management system, create an improved design, improve integration, establish governance model, migrate existing sites/content and decommission old sites.  
    • Alfred Kolowrat  
    • Dennis Breen  
    • Emily Rogers  
    • Jennifer Antunes  
    • Mary Quinn  
    • Orville Ho  
    • Sarah Boyer  
    • Terry Palmer  

Ocelli team members 

  • Andrew Weitzel, Financial Services SME  
  • Andrew Zoltay, IT Services SME  
  • Arlene Stuart, Financial consultant  
  • Candace Perkins, Human Resources consultant 
  • Christi Dykstra, Application Specialist  
  • Darryl Karleen, Business Analyst  
  • Donna van Akker, Academic Programs SME  
  • Lynn Gregg, Registration Services SME  
  • Nihad McBride, Project Manager (contractor)  
  • Trish Glab, Admissions Services SME  

EPMO Change Management team members  

  • Cecilia David, Change Coordinator  
  • Project Management Centre of Excellence Inc. (PMCOE), who are experts in project and change management, engaged to support change management related to these projects 
    • Dale Christenson, President, PMCOE & Associate Faculty in Professional and Continuing Studies  
    • Janice Christenson, VP Operations, PMCOE & Associate Faculty in Professional and Continuing Studies  

There has been a lot of movement due to employees leaving their home positions and joining the projects. The graphic below illustrates the cascading backfill effect that has occurred due to the movement of employees to the project teams. Click on the graphic to view the PDF.  

In addition to these team members, the projects will engage many more Royal Roads employees through focus groups, information gathering sessions and storyboarding as the work progresses.  

This list is not static. As the projects evolve, some employees will move off the projects and back to their home positions. Opportunities will then present themselves for others to join the project teams. 

Stay in touch with your ambassadors to keep aware of the developing needs and the progress of these projects.  

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