Social media advisory committee

Megan Catalano
Social media advisory commitee

The Communications and Marketing teams are leading the creation of a social media strategy for the university. An initial draft strategy was created and forwarded to the executive team with some recommendations. The key recommendation was the creation of a working advisory committee consisting of various departments and key social media users to help inform the draft social media strategy and the tactical needs identified within. The advisory committee has formed with 14 members from across campus and held its first meeting in September.

We want your feedback!  The committee knows the importance of reaching out to the broader Royal Roads community for feedback along the way, so keep an eye out on Crossroads and your email for further information and opportunities to participate. 

Advisory committee members include:

  • Andrea Boyes
  • Megan Catalano
  • Natasha Dilay
  • Fiona Dyer
  • Carol Foxton
  • Brooke Klassen
  • Duncan Lowrie
  • Doug Ozeroff
  • Siomonn Pulla
  • Marco Qaqish
  • Calvin Roberts
  • Tami Saj
  • Brad Tribbeck
  • Jennifer Walinga

The committee has a six month mandate (September 2015 to March 2016) to produce the following primary deliverables:

  • Produce a social media best practices/guiding principles document
  • Work through and update a Royal Roads social media inventory list
  • Develop a social media workshop training module and a workshop schedule for delivery to the campus community
  • Determine internal communications and outreach to the campus community regarding social media best practices
  • Update the draft social media strategy language

The advisory committee will meet monthly with sub-committees assigned to each of the above deliverables meeting as required.

Photo credit: MKH Marketing cc 2.0