Writing and Photo Tips

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We all have great stories to share. Whether you are promoting a piece of news or an upcoming event the best writing advice we can offer to is to be clear and concise. With that in mind, below are a few style types to help you convey your information.

  • Use capital letters, bold, italic and underline sparingly. Capital letters should be reserved for the start of sentences and capitalized words only. Do not spell entire sentences in capitals (this is akin to yelling at someone through type). Bold and underline is appropriate for subheadings, and italics are appropriate for titles of books, films and presentations.

  • Link hyperlinks to a word in your posting, rather than including the entire URL in your post.

  • When copying and pasting your text from a word document to your Crossroads post use the Paste from Word icon to ensure proper formatting of your text.
  • Royal Roads' Writing Centre is a great resource. You can find postings here on grammar and more, or contact the centre directly.

Photos and images

A great image will catch the reader's attention. It's important that your image be related to the story and not be protected by copyright. You can source your own image or use something from the Royal Roads photo archive available on the O Drive:

  • O:\Staff\Brand Centre\public\RRU_Photography

The Crossroads team is happy to help you if you have any questions.